Children bear the brunt of poverty in Latin America

Extreme poverty is what catapults many Latin American children onto life on the streets.

Poverty engenders exploitative environments. It means that children are denied the chance to go to school, as parents oblige their young sons and daughters to go out to work to boost the household income. You don’t have to journey very far into Latin America’s cities to see child labour in full and flagrant swing. Stop your car at the traffic lights and a bunch of kids will appear from nowhere, clamouring to wash your windscreen or sell you some sweets.

Take a wander around cities’ public parks, the fringes of street markets or underpasses and you will see young children stuck in sex slavery, dolefully touting their bodies to passers-by.

How have these children ended up in such desperate situations?

Many of the children Casa Alianza helps have fled the extreme poverty they experienced at home, in the hope that fending for themselves on the streets will prove a better economic alternative. They are always proven wrong.

How you can help us change things

Eradicating urban poverty in Latin America is a task that will take the commitment of national and local governments, and our programme partners on the ground are constantly pushing for planning policies and resource allocation that put children’s rights centre stage.

By making a donation to Compass Children’s Charity, you will be contributing to a culture that nurtures each child’s talents and provides the opportunities for these to flourish, away from the impoverished reality of the streets.