Could you call this home?



You’d be amazed at the sites where the Casa Alianza street teams find homeless children. Down drain pipes. Under bridges. ….In sewers.

Each city has its hot spots, or ‘focos’, where we know that street children tend to gather – markets, bus stations, rubbish dumps, red light districts.

Conditions are grim, yet ironically, the streets can be a hard place to leave. Some children get used to the lack of rules and routine, and may resist the idea of reintegrating into ‘normal’ society (which, after all, they have no real reason to trust).

From homelessness to hope – one step at a time

The staff starts by befriending the children, getting to know their names and stories, and offering them the chance to come and visit our residential shelter – just for the day. They can bring a friend, and there’s no obligation to stay.

Some children are desperate to grasp the chance at a new life, but fear of their pimp or gang members holds them back. In this case, Casa Alianza staff invite them to take part in our daily pre-community program, a sort of drop-in service, where the children can receive care and support and take part in the same activities as the children who are permanent residents.

With your help, we can reach even more children living in conditions no child should ever have to face.