Country Director – Carolina Escobar. The residential centre of La Alianza Guatemala is Located in Guatemala City.

la-alainaza-guatemalaAssociation La Alianza, Guatemala: Residential Care for the Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking and Those at High Risk of Being Trafficked (Girls Only).

La Alianza employs a model of care that has become nationally and internationally recognized as not only a safe haven where homeless children and teens can reclaim their lives, but also a widely respected voice and force in the fight to protect and defend the rights of children in Guatemala.

All of the residents at the crisis care residential centre are victims of sexual abuse, exploitation and/or human trafficking and most have been referred to us by government officials including judges, police, and government ministry personnel. The residence is the only 24 hour shelter of its kind in Guatemala dedicated to trafficked and exploited girls and plays a vital role in modelling the kind of comprehensive services that are necessary to meet the physical and emotional needs of these victims.

Anti-Trafficking Awareness and Education- Legal Support -the work of their team includes legal support to girls who are victims of human trafficking and other violations of their human rights, ensuring support and monitoring of cases throughout all judicial processes and preparing them to be witnesses when necessary in cases against traffickers.

Advocacy – the advocacy work carried out by La Alianza Guatemala includes extensive work with the media, awareness and education campaigns, and coordinating with other organizations to prevent trafficking of children and protect the human rights of children in Guatemala.


Programmes we are seeking funding to support this year include – Justice and legal support, mental health funding and education.

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