We all know only too well times are extremely difficult but whatever you are able to give no matter how modest it may seem goes a long way in the countries where we work and will have tremendous impact and deliver real change.

Just £12 a month will enable one child to leave the street and begin a new future. Monthly giving enables us to plan with certainty and ensures that we will be there for the children at all times.

Maintaining critical services saves…. please help us to keep them going each and every month.

 You may donate securely on line on our payment page

We welcome any contribution you can make to fund our work with street children in Latin America. However much you give, it is very much appreciated by the children whose lives you touch.

When you set up a regular, monthly donation, it allows us to plan for the future and commit funds to specific long-term projects. Installing a new plumbing system in the teen mothers’ safe house in Managua, for example, or funding a literacy program for drug-addicted boys in Honduras.

Plus, it’s generally a more manageable option for you as a donor – set up a monthly donation and relax in the knowledge that the payments are taken care of. (You can of course change or cancel the arrangement at any moment.)

Donate straight from your card or by standing order

If you would prefer to have your monthly donations deducted straight from your debit or credit card, simply choose the regular giving box on PayPal or Worldpay  and follow the online instructions.

You will receive a transaction confirmation email each time a payment is deducted from your card.

To set up a standing order instead, please ask us for a standing order form, fill in your banking details and post it back to us at the Freepost address at the foot of the form.



Many people choose to leave a legacy to charity as an extension of the support they have given during their lifetime.

We believe that every child deserves a chance in life. If you share this view then leaving a legacy to Compass Children’s Cjarity is an excellent way to ensure your beliefs will live on. Your charity legacy will help our work with over 10,000 street children – many of whom have been abandoned, suffered abuse or are at high risk of exploitation.

A charity legacy in your will is exempt from inheritance tax and is probably the most tax effective way for you to give to charity. We recommend that you always consult a solicitor when making or updating a will. Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the exact wording for including a gift to Compass Children’s Charity  in your will. You should ensure the following details are included in your will:

Compass Children’s Charity

Unit 2, The Business Exchange,

Rockingham Road,

Kettering NN16 8JX

Registered charity no: 1073903


If you wish to leave a legacy in your will to Compass Children’s Charity, please contact us. We are part of The

Goodwill Partnership – scheme that enables you to have a Solicitor-provided will drafted

in the privacy of your own home at a time convenient to you.

Getting started is simple and straight forward. For more information please visit:

and select Compass Children’s Charity or please call the UK Office 01536 526 447.

If you already have a will the simplest way to update it is to write a codicil. Again we recommend that you speak to your solicitor for advice on how to do this.