leave-a-legacyYour wishes will fund a street child’s future

Every child deserves a chance in life. If you share that view, then leaving a legacy to Compass Children’s Charity is an excellent way to ensure your beliefs will live on – in the most practical way possible.

Many people leave a legacy to charity as an extension of the support they’ve given during their lifetime. A charity gift in your will is exempt from inheritance tax, and is probably the most tax-effective way for you to give to charity.

There are three types of charity legacy you can leave:

A residuary gift – a share of your estate after expenses and other gifts have been considered

A pecuniary gift – a sum of money

A specific gift – a particular item, such as a painting

(You can find detailed advice on leaving money to charity provided by cross-charity consortium Remember a Charity.)

Speaking to your solicitor – some practical pointers

It’s always best to consult a solicitor when you make or update your will. They will advise you on the exact wording to include so that the vulnerable children we support can get the leg up in life they deserve.

The following details will need to be included in your will:

Compass Children’s Charity

Unit 2, The Business Exchange, Rockingham Road,

Kettering, Northants, NN16 8JX

Registered charity no: 1073903

If you already have a will and want to amend it, the easiest way is to write a codicil (an official alteration). Again, we recommend that you speak to your solicitor for the best advice on this.

How to leave a legacy to Compass Children’s Charity

Compass Children’s Charity is part of The Goodwill Partnership, which will arrange for a solicitor to help you draw up your will in the comfort of your own home. The whole service is designed to be clear-cut and competitively priced. To use this service, visit The Goodwill Partnership’s website and simply select ‘Compass Children’s Charity’ from the drop down list.

Otherwise, if you’re thinking about leaving a gift to street children in your will and would like to speak to us about it, please contact us at: contact@compasschildrenscharity.org.uk or call 01536 526447.