Have you often wondered what your donation could buy?

 Below are some tangible things that your donation could buy … regular monthly donations for these items would be even more beneficial to the kids.

 To see how your donations have helped one child , click here for Jimmy’s story …

£12 would pay for three daily meals, milk and baby food for one mother and her child for a week.

£15 will enable one street child in Mexico to undergo detoxification to help them off drugs and begin a future

£20 will pay for a week’s worth of prevention activities to give Children living in high risk situations alternatives to leaving home for the street

£30 could pay for two new baby cots at the young mother’s home

£40.00 a month will help provide a place for a child to leave the streets

£50 could pay group therapy sessions for 14 mothers, to help overcome the traumas they have lived through.

£55 will pay for street children in Honduras to receive medical treatment for serious injuries for a month.

£100 would enable one mother to study a vocational course and gain the qualifications to build a bright future for themselves and their child

£160 will pay for the monthly salary of a street outreach worker to respond to the urgent needs of the children on the streets

£300 will provide one month’s worth of counselling sessions to children in crisis in Honduras.

£500 will pay for hot, nutritious meals and snacks for 90 children for one week

£1,000 will pay for educational sessions for one year to children in Nicaragua, to overcome illiteracy and allow them to begin school for the first time

£2,000 will pay for a team of outreach workers to work in schools for a year in Guatemala, identifying children at risk and working with their families to prevent them from becoming street children.

£5,000 will pay for a doctor’s salary for one year in Honduras, to provide immediate medical attention to street children and children in our residential home



We all know only too well times are extremely difficult but whatever you are able to give no matter how modest it may seem goes a long way in the countries where we work and will have tremendous impact and deliver real change.

Just £12 a month will enable one child to leave the street and begin a new future. Monthly giving enables us to plan with certainty and ensures that we will be there for the children at all times.

Maintaining critical services saves…. please help us to keep them going each and every month.

 You may donate securely on line on our payment page

We welcome any contribution you can make to fund our work with street children in Latin America. However much you give, it is very much appreciated by the children whose lives you touch.

When you set up a regular, monthly donation, it allows us to plan for the future and commit funds to specific long-term projects. Installing a new plumbing system in the teen mothers’ safe house in Managua, for example, or funding a literacy program for drug-addicted boys in Honduras.

Plus, it’s generally a more manageable option for you as a donor – set up a monthly donation and relax in the knowledge that the payments are taken care of. (You can of course change or cancel the arrangement at any moment.)

Donate straight from your card or by standing order

If you would prefer to have your monthly donations deducted straight from your debit or credit card, simply choose the regular giving box on PayPal or Worldpay  and follow the online instructions.

Worldpay regular giving – set up, help and support

You will receive a transaction confirmation email each time a payment is deducted from your card.

To set up a standing order instead, please ask us for a standing order form, fill in your banking details and post it back to us at the Freepost address at the foot of the form.

Popular ways to give

If you have any issues at all while you’re making your online donation, email us at contact@compasschildrenscharity.org.uk and we’ll be happy to help you.

Payroll giving – A tax-effective way to donate straight from your salary

If you would like to donate regularly to charity and benefit from tax relief at the same time, payroll giving might well work for you. Also known as Give as You Earn (GAYE), this HMRC scheme allows you to set up a regular or one-off donation straight from your pay or pension, with donations made from your earnings before Income Tax is deducted. This means that you’re actually reducing your taxable income and gaining all of the tax relief immediately at your highest rate of tax.

For example, if you donate £10 through payroll giving and are a basic rate taxpayer, you will only have £8 taken off your salary. Plus, if you’re a higher rate taxpayer, the benefits are even greater. Your employer doesn’t need to know which charity you choose to support, and some firms may even match their employees’ donations via payroll giving.

Worth looking into!

Why not speak to your company today about this valuable tax-efficient option, and set up a regular donation towards helping Latin American street children?

Donate by PAYPAL

To make a donation by PayPal please click here


Whichever mobile network you’re on, it’s quick and easy to donate via text message from your phone. We promise there are no hidden costs – every penny of your donation comes straight to Compass Children’s Charity for the benefit of street children We’ve set it up through JustGiving.com so that you’re not restricted to any set amount, and are free to give whatever you can afford.