There are 1.8 billion children and young people in the world.

89% live in poverty, with no access to health care and education and are surrounded by violence.

Globally nine out of every ten children are growing up surrounded by inequalities, poverty and injustice

No more excuses.

This situation has to change

starting NOW

Our Vision:

A world where children are free, safe and can realise their potential

Our Mission

To develop collaborative partnerships that promote a positive and measurable impact on the lives of

at-risk children through programmes and

rights-based advocacy

Our Tribe values

Transparency – honesty and open communication with our beneficiaries, supporters and at all times.

Rights-based – we call duty bearers to account to address the root and structural causes of poverty, inequality and injustice rather than just the symptoms.

Innovative – we recognise there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach –Innovation ensures we effectively engage with children.

Beneficiary Focused – The best interests of beneficiaries will always come first and their protection is paramount above other priorities

Enabling – Our support must allow children to grow and reach their potential, nurturing their talents in an enabling environment.

You can read our full strategy here

Compass Childrens Charity – strategy 2017-21for web